Top 10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods

The first Thanksgiving foods you’ll need to prepare are the turkey and dressing. These two classic dishes make the holiday a true celebration, and while they aren’t exactly health foods, they are delicious year-round. You can use mashed potatoes in a variety of ways, from simple to exotic. This dish isn’t particularly difficult to make, and it’s light enough to serve in huge quantities. Whether you prefer to serve a traditional recipe, or something more unique, you’ll find a recipe that will satisfy your craving.

Turkey: Turkey is a Thanksgiving staple, and whether you opt for a white meat or a dark, gamier version, there’s nothing like a roasted bird. There’s nothing better with a crispy crust, and the spiced pumpkin filling is sure to make for a memorable meal. Luckily, pumpkin pie isn’t a traditional Thanksgiving food, but it’s an all-time favorite among many people.

Macaroni and cheese: Macaroni and cheese isn’t a traditional Thanksgiving food, but it’s a Thanksgiving staple. The crunchy crust and spiced pumpkin filling make it a staple of the holiday. Homemade pumpkin pie is always better, and is a perfect way to use up leftovers. But if you can’t find any pumpkin pie recipes, you can always go with store bought versions.

Turkey: The main course of Thanksgiving is a turkey. While you can find white or dark meat turkey, you can’t go wrong with either. The best Thanksgiving foods will be the turkey and mashed potatoes, and you’ll definitely find the perfect recipe for both. Unlike other traditional dishes, these aren’t as healthy as they sound. But if you want to be healthy and have a tasty Thanksgiving, these are the top 10 foods you should try. TUTFLIX

Bread rolls: If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re not complete without these tasty treats. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner would not be complete without a side dish of cranberry sauce. Aside from a turkey, you’ll also need mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly. You can’t get enough of these two, so you may want to make a few extra rolls. If you’re a meat lover, don’t forget to include gravy.

Turkey: The turkey is the ultimate comfort food. But while it doesn’t contain much nutritional value, it is a classic Thanksgiving dish. While it doesn’t contain many vitamins or minerals, the cheese and noodles are high in sodium. So, don’t be too proud to eat this meal! If you’re looking for a more healthy option, try the other top 10 Thanksgiving dishes. You won’t regret it!

A proper Thanksgiving plate should also include a pumpkin pie. It’s not as sweet as most other pies, but it’s a great treat for the holiday. If you’re vegetarian, you can substitute sweet potato pie. Aside from the turkey, other top 10 Thanksgiving foods to consider include mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. These two dishes are the perfect accompaniment to any Thanksgiving meal. If you’re vegetarian, you can enjoy any of them with your family.

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