Ten Ways to Derail A Scammer From Scamming You! 

The immense involvement of technology and digital platforms of the general public have made scammers place their focus on the digital platform for the purpose of accomplishing their unethical goals. The utilization of online platforms was already a lot in every individual’s life, however, post Covid the complete dependence on digital platforms could be seen. Studies, jobs and socialization were made completely virtual. 

The Global Payback have come up with 10 ways the users can prevent the scams and protect themselves. 

10 Ways To Shift The Focus of A Scammer 

  1. Use strong passwords

The hacker tries to get access to the personal information of the public through their social media handles. The trend of keeping private details on social media handles, along with sharing regular activities like where you are at? What are you doing? The status and success; attracts the scammers towards individuals. They then use the private information either as identity theft – covering themselves in the fake identification – or to blackmail the victims.

  1. Get yourself educated regarding scams 

It is extremely essential to have a considerable amount of information regarding the scams and how they work or the platforms they are most common at. One could only be able to identify a scam when they have knowledge about it.

  1. Install malware software in your gadgets

Another most common trick of scammers is to get the virus in victims gadget and extract the private information. Therefore, every individual should have anti-virus or malware softwares installed in their gadgets so they get the hint or indication if anyone tries to hack their accounts.

  1. Read reviews

Online reviews tell everything about the company or website you are approaching. You can know whether it is an authentic platform through the reviews. 

  1. Shop from the authentic brands

Majority of the scams that take place online are undelivered products. The sellers ask the purchaser to send them money online and they never deliver the right product to the buyer resulting in trapping them. The users should, therefore, either purchase from authentic brands those who have great reputation or consult the review section of the company.  

  1. Protect your personal information

Personal information is the most vital and dangerous instrument the scammers use in order to trap the victim. Therefore, never provide the personal details to unknown companies or websites along with the newly made online friends. The scammers are hidden in those many faces.

  1. Prefer not dating someone who fails to show up on meet-ups

In online dating, the majority of the scammers practice this approach of making excuses whenever the lover – the victim – asks for a meet-up. They use emotional and domestic reasons to make the victim believe in their words.

  1. Avoid snapping to unknown links in emails

Several emails or the links provided on social media have links attached to it with intriguing subjects to make victims click it. Those links affect the victims’ gadgets resulting in hacking. 

  1. Beware of cash prize and gifts scams

The online gifts and prizes are also scams set up to get victims personal information.

  1.  Carefully connect with public Wi-Fis 

Public Wi-Fis are another trick used by the scammer to hack victims’ gadgets.

If you would like more information on how to derail the focus of a scammer, check out The Global Payback database – they have tons of information and articles related to this. 

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