If You’re Scammed Online What Can You Do?

Online scams also commonly known as internet fraud are a type of cybercrime that includes fraud, manipulation, and deception which makes use of the internet and involves hiding information and providing false information primarily for tricking people and obtaining monetary benefits. Online scamming has become highly common and nowadays everyone is getting scammed online by malicious imposter websites, through phishing emails, phone calls, and false investment and business opportunities. There are several types of online scamming that include phishing scams, imposter websites, Covid online scams, fake shopping websites, tech support scams, online dating scams, and travel scams. 

In this article we will discover the many options you can turn to in order for you to get your money back if you have been scammed online. At first, I thought if a person was scammed online there was no way to get money back, however – then I discovered Fundstarce and they told me that it is indeed possible to recover stolen funds online! They have designed a comprehensive strategy through which it can be done – and their legal team is quite solid! 

What are the different types of online scamming?

There are several different types of online scamming techniques and methods which includes the following:

1. Phishing scams

This is one of the most popular types of scams which generally include phishing emails and text messages. The scammer texts or sends emails posing to be a business or an investment agency and manipulates people by tricking them to invest money and click on the link.

2. Imposter websites or fake shopping websites

This is yet another common technique for manipulating and scamming people. These scammers make legit and believable websites and they pretend to be an actual company selling goods or providing a service. They require you to enter your financial information such as your pin, account number, and your CVV. Once you enter this information these scammers can easily access your bank account and obtain your funds.

3. Travel scams

These are yet another popular scamming method that involves coke travel companies that guarantee the best deals at considerably low packages or companies that have expensive packages but seem too good to be true. Once you transfer the amount to them for your ticket and travel expenses they vanish into thin air and are never to be seen again. 

How to Report Online Scams

The first step toward reporting an online scam is to list down all the information you have about the scammers. This involves including all the email addresses that they contacted you with, the phone numbers, social media accounts, and their names. This is the first step towards reporting your scammer and hopefully getting your money back. You need to note and list down whatever information you have which includes all the ways they contacted you and all that happened. 

This is vital information that will be used to catch the scammer. You need to note down this information and firstly report them to the federal agencies or government agencies. You will need to provide all this information to the government agencies in order to catch the scammer and report the online scam. 

In the US the federal trade commission is the number one agency that collects scam reports and will hopefully help you in successfully reporting the scam. If you live in a state or a small town you can report the scam to your consumer protection office. The government agency will use all the information that you’ve given and will use that to track down scam patterns. These scammers have the same pattern and they’ll compare the scammer’s pattern with your report to catch the fraud. The Federal Trade Commission, also known as the FTC, will help you report this scam. 

Fundstrace To The Rescue 

Another way to recover money and report a scam is through Fundstrace. The company specializes in recovering money from online scams and specializes in reporting online scams. This company is known for its services and there have been several customers that have vouched for Fundstarce services. 

I have personally experienced their exceptional services first hand. I got scammed in 2021 through a fake shopping website that took my card and other financial and personal information and the minute I entered that the website crashed and my money was gone. I lost almost 500 US dollars and this company helped me report the scam and recover my money. I recovered my money and the scammer got caught. This is all because of this amazing company that my friend recommended.

I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about Fundstarce because they are a customer-oriented business that specializes in recovering money from scams and reporting scams as well. This company is the best out there and I vouch for their services. 

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