je te laisserai des mots

I love Patrick Watson. He writes so beautifully and with such a great sense of humor that I can’t help but smile every time I read it. In fact, I could write an entire article about the guy, but I won’t. Here’s why:

Patrick Watson

If you read Patrick Watson’s Je te laisserai des mots, you will see that he uses a cryptic literary device to express his feelings. His words could be criticisms about the subject he loves or the state of their relationship. Regardless of the reason for leaving those words, Watson is likely feeling some guilt about leaving the words behind. Regardless of the motive, the words in Je te laisserai des mots are a heartfelt cry for help.

Throughout this poem, Watson shows how love transcends the human constitution. His concern for his love subject’s well-being is more important than anything else. His delivery gets louder as the lines are repeated, and his pause is shorter. Clearly, Watson is passionate about his subject, and his passion for her will shine through in the words he leaves behind. This love is truly unconditional. And Watson’s poem is a powerful expression of this truth.

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