Jabroni – What is a Jabroni?

The word jabroni is a synonym for the word “dumbass.” Coined with Italianate flair, jabroni suggests “ridiculousness” and “loserdom.” While it comes from the carnival-influenced world of professional wrestling, it is not necessarily associated with obscenity.


If you’re a fan of WWE wrestling, you’ve probably heard the term Jabroni, or jobber, thrown around in the ring. It’s actually a very new term that originated from pro wrestling, where The Rock and others have used it to refer to losers. The term is now part of the English language and has been adopted by many people. It’s used to describe someone who talks stupidly when they shouldn’t.

Jabroni is a one-size-fits-all insult that can be used to describe almost anyone. It’s not as common as other terms, but it’s powerful, especially when used to insult a teacher. It’s particularly useful when talking about a convicted felon or a drug company that jacks up prices by a factor of 56. Despite its derogatory connotations, the term is useful for many types of headlines.

Dumbass asshole

What is a dumbass asshole, you ask? Well, it is a one-size-fits-all insult, meaning that it can be used to insult anyone or anything, including teachers. While not as commonly used as some other insults, it is one of the most potent insults around.

A Jabroni is a loser, a fool, or an asshole who is about to lose a competition. The term was coined by WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his professional wrestling career, and it is still used mostly by fans of the sport.

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