Men, here is what women experience during periods

If you have come across different Buzzfeed articles and Reddit threads about periods, you know about the absurd notions held up by men with regards to this process. 

While some men may understand the exact nature of periods, many still are unable to comprehend the very real experience of periods, and what it entails for women. 

Of course, every woman experiences periods differently, and some extreme cases might also need help from gynecologist in Lahore for to manage their condition. However, there are some commonalities across this process. 

So, to make men aware of what most women experience during this time, and to encourage empathy for women, it’s important for men to know what an average cycle looks like for women. 

A run-down of the period process

Before periods start

There is a whole ritual that starts before Aunt Flo arrives, and that is known as premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Most men view this time with derision, using it as a derogatory phrase. What men fail to understand how difficult this time is for women.

There are different aspects of PMS, affecting physical and mental health, both. 

Physical symptoms of PMS 

Before periods, some women get migraines. These are often on account of hormonal changes that are occurring, which eventually signal periods. 

Moreover, cramps can also start before periods. Backache and miscellaneous body pains can also start. 

There are also digestive issues that can set in. Bloating is a big problem with women. Then, there is the issue of constipation or diarrhea. 

Similarly, tenderness in the breasts also start before periods. Women who have acne might experience its flareup before periods, but otherwise as well, there can be breakouts and zits making an appearance before Aunt Flo. 

Some women can also become sensitive to light and sound. There is also a general air of fatigue around the body. Sleep is also affected on account of PMS. 

Emotional symptoms of PMS 

While the physical symptoms can be bad, but it’s the toll that periods take on the mental health that can be too much to bear. Some women have extreme mood swings before their periods; even they don’t know why they’re going hot one minute and cold the other.

Emotional state also becomes fragile; there are bouts of crying, irritability, anger that affects their wellbeing overall. Moreover, PMS can also cause depression as well, a state that is remarked by mental anguish, pain, hopelessness, sadness. 

Moreover, PMS also causes problems with concentration and focus. There can also be episodes of emotional outbursts and food cravings. Similarly, PMS can also affect sleep, which then affects mental health as well. 

Premenstrual syndrome can also increase anxiety and stress. It can then cause women to have problems at work and their life as well. 

Now, periods have started

Things don’t get better once the periods start. First, there is the matter of predicting when Aunt Flo will show up; any accidents can be infuriating, especially since society is so hostile towards periods. 

Then, there is also the issue of dealing with the flow itself. Some women have very heavy flow, which can cause a lot of distress and discomfort. Similarly, the constant anxiety surrounding the flow also takes a toll on the health. 

Periods also require a lot of headspace; you have to be prepared with the correct period paraphernalia all the time. The cramps are also a great source of pain; finding the right position, the right medicine, the right antidote is a lot of work. 

And then the periods end

When periods finally end, there is a moment of elation and of relief of having survived the ordeal. But that’s just going to last for a few days before the cycle and the circus start once again. And if they don’t, it’s also a cause for concern, since missing periods isn’t normal, and requires the aid of an online gynecologist

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