How to Stop a Crated Puppy from Whining?


Puppy parents must focus on crate training their furry dears as it aids in housetraining, traveling, preventing damage, and ensuring safety. Teaching your little puppy that a crate is a safe place can take quite some time. However, you need to try and get this information into your puppy’s furry head so they know it is one place they can rely on to stay out of trouble in overwhelming situations.

The first few steps to get your reluctant paw pal inside the crate can sometimes be frustrating and heart-crushing. And it is precisely why you must be calm and gentle while leading them to their new crate. In case your pup whines excessively, whether or not they are crated and show additional symptoms, probably they have some health issues and need the vet’s attention asap.

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In this article, we have answers to two most common questions – why do canine pets whine when crated and how to curb this behavior?

Why do canine pets whine when crated?

  • Puppies can be sensitive to isolation and confinement, which is why they may excessively cry when crated.
  • Separation anxiety (if they have been freshly separated from a litter of pups) and loneliness can be one reason for vocalization.
  • Sometimes it so happens that your pup may feel punished or abandoned when they are instructed to get in and stay there.
  • Our canine companions are social animals used to living with their pack, so they naturally feel lost when nobody’s around.

How to curb your canine pet’s whining habit?

You can’t end this behavior entirely, yet following some tips can hopefully minimize your puppy’s whining habit.

Ignore puppy cries

Most puppy parents give in to their puppy’s upset little face and constant cries and free them from the crate within no time. However, every time you release your pet when they whine, it will only reinforce the behavior.

So, stay beside your puppy but don’t allow them to come out just then until they learn to adopt a calm and composed attitude. Your puppy needs to know being quiet can be rewarded with a release from the crate.

Choose a correct size crate

If you expect your puppy to spend time in a crate, then it should be of the right size. Buy a crate that is big enough to accommodate your puppy, their treats, toys, and a comfy bed. They must be able to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably.

Make it a happy space

  • It isn’t a great idea to ask your pup to move in as soon as you bring home a crate from the pet store.
  • Instead, let your pet discover the product, get in and out, sniff it, and understand that it isn’t a scary place to be in.
  • Also, you can make your fur baby feel more at home inside the crate by tossing some of their treats, favorite stuffed toys, dog puzzles, bed, blanket, etc.
  • With the above arrangement, your puppy can be less anxious about being crated; over time, they may just walk inside it leisurely to relax, nap, or watch their parents engage in worldly activities.

However, if you find your furry baby crying no matter what you do, maybe you need to head to the vet with your pup for diagnosis and treatment. Puppy insurance can help you provide health care for your pet at affordable costs. Cheap pup insurance can help you with much of the cost for unanticipated vet visits, medication and other treatment during pet health emergencies.

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