easy hindi poems for class 5

Poetry is an essential part of any child’s education. Not only does it help promote creativity and imagination, but it can also allow children to learn a new language or appreciate the culture of their native language in a more meaningful way. For children learning Hindi as a second language, poetry can provide an extra boost of encouragement and confidence. This blog post will explore some easy hindi poems for class 5, starting with Hindi. Poems offer a great opportunity for students to learn about pronunciation and grammar while having fun with words and rhymes. From nursery rhymes to folk tales and quatrains, here are some easy poems to get your student started on the path to Hindi mastery!

What is Hindi?

Hindi is the national language of India and one of the country’s official languages. It is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Constitution of India. Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language derived from Sanskrit. It is written in Devanagari script and spoken by around 487 million people in India, per the 2001 Census.

The different types of Hindi poems

There are four main types of Hindi poems: ghazals, nazms, rubais, and gets.

Ghazals are the most common type of Hindi poem. They consist of couplets, with each line having the same meter. The first line usually has a repeated word or phrase, and the second line has a different meaning but uses the same words.

Nazms are shorter than ghazals and have a fixed meter throughout the poem. They often focus on a specific theme or subject matter.

Rubais are quatrains, meaning they have four lines. They follow a specific rhyme scheme and often have spiritual or Sufi themes.

Geets are songs, typically love songs. They follow a specific meter and often have refrains repeated throughout the song.

Why learn Hindi?

There are many reasons to learn Hindi. Hindi is also a great way to learn about another culture. And finally, learning Hindi can be fun!

How to write a Hindi poem

Assuming you want a Hindi poem about writing poems, here’s one:

हिंदी का रस है ये लेख,
हाथों में लेखना आता है|

“Hindi ka ras hai ye lekh,
hathon mein lekhna aata hai.

Agar tumko yeh nahi aata,
to kya hoga, kabhi na jaan paaoge
tum yeh rasmein khudkushi kar lenge.

Tumhari anjaam bahut hi bura hoga,
kyonki yeh anjaam khooni aur andha hoga.”

Famous Hindi poets

1. Famous Hindi poets

Hindi poetry has a long and rich history, with many famous poets writing in the language throughout the ages. Some famous Hindi poets include Kabir, Mirabai, Tulsidas, and more. Hindi poetry often deals with love, loss, and nature and can be beautiful and moving.


Hindi poetry can be an enjoyable way for class 5 students to learn the language and explore different aspects of literature. We hope these easy Hindi poems have given you some ideas to make learning Hindi fun for your students. With a few creative twists and turns, you can easily create interesting lessons that challenge your students positively and engagingly. Whether they are reading aloud or writing their versions of the poem, it is sure to be an educational experience your students won’t soon forget!


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