Canyon County Jail Roster

If you’re a parent, visiting a loved one, or wondering if your child has been arrested, the Canyon County jail roster can provide you with important information. The roster includes current arrests, inmates, juveniles with adult charges, civil contempt cases, and non-jail program participants.

Inmate information

If you need to look up the current inmate information of a person, you can do so by searching the Canyon County Jail’s online inmate roster. This roster will list all inmates from the latest to the oldest and it will also include juveniles with adult charges, civil contempt cases, and inmate information from non-jail programs.

The Canyon County Jail is a direct supervision jail with capacity for up to 200 inmates. Its inmate roster is available online and includes full name, date of birth, race, address, and IDN number. You can look up the inmate’s name and contact information to learn about his past and current behavior.

The Canyon County Jail offers onsite and remote video visitation. Video visitation is possible only through a computer with an internet connection. Visitations are scheduled in advance through a company called Securus. Video visitation is only available for paid inmates. Video visitations can be scheduled a minimum of one day in advance, and no more than 14 days in advance.

Visitation hours

If you are trying to visit a loved one or friend who is being held in the Canyon County Jail, you need to know how to schedule your visitation time. You can visit in person or schedule a video visit. However, you must schedule a visit with the jail ahead of time. You may visit on weekdays between 8.30 am and 4.20 pm, but it is important to note that if you are visiting with a child, you need to provide documentation such as a birth certificate.

The jail uses a metal detector before letting you visit an inmate. Make sure you do not wear any underwear or metal jewelry. In addition, you may have to go through a drug screening, which is conducted by special devices. This is done to screen for illegal drugs. You must also sign in when you arrive and sign out before leaving the facility.

When visiting your loved one in the Canyon County Jail, make sure that you wear appropriate clothing. No miniskirts, low cut necklines, or bare midriffs are allowed. Also, do not bring any weapons or offensive language. You must also leave all personal belongings in your car or in a locker while you visit. The staff may decide to terminate the visit at any time, so make sure you dress appropriately.


ugshots are photographs taken of someone after being arrested and are public records. Mgshots are taken by local law enforcement agencies and are stored alongside criminal records and police reports. These photographs help the public identify criminals and missing people. The mugshots are also useful to law enforcement as they provide a visual identification for witnesses.

You can find mugshots of any individual on the inmate roster by visiting the website of the Canyon County Jail. The website lists the arrest ID and full name of the person, the date and statutes of the crime, and a photo. This allows you to identify the person you are looking for without having to ask for permission.

The Canyon County Jail is located in Caldwell, ID. The jail is a medium-to-high security facility that houses up to 200 inmates. Inmates are held for varying crimes, from low-level wrongdoers to violent criminals.

Costs of transporting inmates out-of-county

Inmates from Canyon County jail are being moved to new facilities in a couple of weeks. The old, overcrowded jail will be replaced by a stainless steel structure. The county is leasing the facility from All Detainment Solutions, a Missouri-based company. The new jail will cost $4.5 million. This includes the initial installation and the first year of the lease. The county will pay $1.5 million a year for the next four years. After the lease ends, the county will have an option to buy the new facility for another $1.9 million. The total cost of the jail facility may be as high as $12.4 million.

The current jail has 77 beds and costs the county $82 per day to hold an inmate. But the county is over capacity, and the new unit will only house 80% of inmates. As a result, the county will be forced to transport inmates from neighboring counties to free up space at its facility. Transporting an inmate costs an additional $1,425 a day.

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