Calimingo Pools: Designing and Building Limitless Custom Swimming Pools

Once homeowners have finished working on the inside of their homes, many begin thinking about the projects they want to do outside. If there is space, many opt for installing an in-ground swimming pool. As an enormous investment, there are some things homeowners should know about custom swimming pools beforehand. Some of those things include:

The Zoning Laws In Your Area

Zoning laws refer to specific rules and regulations for the parcel of land they built your home on. Besides stating whether a homeowner can build an in-ground pool, other examples of zoning laws include street parking, running a business from your residence, and the type of signage communities use. In most areas, a building permit is necessary for installing a pool.

Changes To Your Irrigation System

If you have a sprinkler system in your yard, contacting your irrigation specialist is vital. That should get done before speaking with a company who builds custom swimming pools.

Other steps regarding your irrigation system include:

  •  Have the sprinklers flagged for the pool installer
  •  Cap the sprinkler lines that run where the pool will get installed
  •  Have a plan to reconfigure sprinkler lines if necessary

Determine The Shape And Size Of Your Pool

Your pool extends your home. Therefore, it should reflect your taste and style. Finding an expert pool builder, such as Calimingo Pools, will ensure that you get the pool of your dreams. As one of the top pool builders in Los Angeles, California, with over 20 year’s experience, Calimingo offers top-notch work. That includes personalized services, transparency, expert design, and superior builders. Together with your ideas and desires, they customize their work to make your backyard and pool area a masterpiece that you are proud to show off.

The Cost Of Pool Maintenance

Major investments, such as pools, must get maintained for optimal benefits. Some chemicals used to keep a pool safe are chlorine, bromine, muriatic acid, algaecide, soda ash, test kits, filters and a cover. Although some homeowners have the time and energy to maintain their own pool, many do not.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the costs of pool maintenance in mind before making the investment. On average, pool maintenance, including the chemicals listed above, cost $180 per month. 

Pool maintenance includes:

  •  Weekly visits during swim season
  •  Skim leaves and debris
  •  Vacuum bottom of pool
  •  Clean sediment off the sides of pool
  •  Check and clean the pump and filter
  •  Test the water and add chemicals

It Takes Time To Build An In-ground Pool

Although building a swimming pool seems as simple as digging a hole, pouring cement and filling it with water, it is a lot more extensive. The average time for custom swimming pools takes an average eight to 12 weeks. During that time, your pool building company will design your pool using certain technology, get a permit, evacuate the area, lay the steel and plumbing, install the gunite, plaster and install the vinyl or fiberglass.

If you are looking forward to a backyard pool for the summer, start talking to a builder early in the year.

Custom-built swimming pools are significant investments. Therefore, information about the process should be known beforehand. Knowing this will ensure that you get a pool that your family will enjoy for years to coming


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