Athletic Net – A Team Management Tool That Helps Athletes Excel

athletic club is a team management tool that provides athletes with tools to thrive. Its features include results, team management and event management. The athletic net helps athletes excel by providing tools for athletes, teams and managers to succeed. Its goal is to increase the participation of athletes and teams, while improving team management processes and reducing time-consuming tasks.


Rsults posts will appear in chronological order with the newest results at the top of the list. Results posts must be reviewed by a moderator to be published. Click “View Post” to view submitted evidence and mark it as valid or invalid. If you’re a moderator, you can also edit posts.

Team management

There are a variety of features available for managing your team in AthleticNET. For example, you can organize intrasquad meets and divide your teams according to the score. Athletes can also create their own profiles and post information about their performance. Whether you’re a new coach or an experienced coach, you’ll have many options to manage your team.


Disqualifications are issued in athletics for a variety of reasons. These can be for actions that may bring discredit to the individual, school or team. An example is when a competitor joins hands with another competitor during a race. This can result in disqualification of that competitor. Using wrist watches as racing aids is also against the rules. The start of a race should be stopped if a competitor is in motion.

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