A Stranger Wants To Transfer Money To Me! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! 

Why will someone who doesn’t know you give you the money? It is a valid question to be curious about. Were you working for them as an employee or asking them to give you a loan. No, then there is some illicit purpose in another person giving you their money without you even asking for it, especially through digital platforms, knowing how unpredictable technologies are. They can turn the tables for people. Even billionaires would merely give other people money either as charity or remuneration. Money is the most essential asset one can have, therefore, people do not take it for granted. Then how come strangers hand over their assets in your hand.

Types of Scams

  • Forex Scams: These are related to the foreign exchange market
  • CFD Scams: These stand for Cost For Difference Scams.
  • Romance Scams: When something is good to be true, it probably isn’t. Romance scammers use psychological manipulating into duping you to pay them in exchange for “love”.
  • Cash App Scams: Scams involving the use of cash applications.

How did Peter get scammed and get help from theclaimers’ 

The entire scam was planned to use sympathy as the way of course. The scammer tried to trap Peter by emotionally blackmailing him. Peter received a personal text on his Facebook from a lady named Emma, who according to what she stated was suffering from the last stage of breast cancer. She lost her husband 2 years before and she has gone through a terrible phase of her life after him. He left her with property worth approximately 5 billion. She emphasizes the fact that Peter helped her in fulfilling her last wish. She was of the view that no amount of money can bring her back from death, therefore, she wants to spend the money left by her husband for a good cause. 

Peter was initially curious about why he was there. He did know her and, so far as he knows, he had never met her. His curiosity ended when Emma told him that she came across his social media a couple of days before. She was convinced that he was the one who could pursue and fulfill her dream. Emma’s emotional words and divine goal touched Peter’s heart. He agreed to help her in this process. Later, Emma asked him to contact her lawyer who would guide him further on how he could take ownership of the property.

Peter then contacted her lawyer David, who told him – Peter – the procedure and details of this transfer. When Peter confirmed his willingness to proceed, the lawyer asked for $500 as the processing fee. Peter paid the required amount. Later, he came to know that it was a scam. David, who was associated with Emma, played with Peter, luring him into the trap and laying hold of $500. 

Great Reputation & High-Quality Materials 

Peter, being aware of the Claimers‘ great reputation for spreading knowledge, referred to it. He came to know how to tackle the scammers legally. He immediately reported to the nearby police station and provided all the required information to them. He discovered that the scammer was not a citizen of his home country, so he had to contact the fraud dealing authorities. They tracked the scammers, their country, their cities, and the legal authorities of their country to catch them. Thus, Peter was able to catch the scammers with the help of legal authorities. 

Don’t wait to contact theClaimers

Some people keep the knowledge of being scammed within themselves, too embarrassed to report it to the authorities or any entity which could potentially help them. However, keeping it a secret can have negative psychological effects. Contact theClaimers today and they will guide you on the process of getting your hard earned cash back.

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